Posted: Friday, 01·02·2015

He’s back! Phil Berg, gone for two years, his website hacked by those opposed to his radical opinions, is back – bigger and badder than ever with his release of “ObamaScare.” This powerful book reveals Barack Obama’s plan to undermine the United States by surreptitiously bypassing all manner of law and by radical jackbooting of his opposition. Phil has been called “a crackpot”, a “tin hat”, a “nut case”, and other derogatory names, but he backs all of his opinion with personal interactions, news stories and historical data. Chills will run up your spine when you read what he has to say – our current path is scarier than a Stephen King novel. Aside from his career ending mission to expose Obama’s true birthright (AKA Barry Soetoro), Berg has set out to expose Obama’s numerous impeachable and egregious acts of treason that have been suppressed by the mainline press. This book will get you thinking and seeking more information – and I won’t even mention the wildest revelations – you will have to read the book to find out!


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Posted: Friday, 11·21·2014

I was appointed to the Berwick Planning Commission at the last council meeting. I want to thank the Council for having faith in my abilities and I promise to be an asset to the committee and my community.

Posted: Wednesday, 08·06·2014

Centralia, PA – Devils Fire is now available in paperback and on Kindle. All of the typographical issues have been fixed now that I fired my editors and proofreader, who seemed to be collaborating against each other!. The book is available on Amazon at the link below, or just search “Centralia PA” on Amazon. Amazon Prime members can read for free.


Centralia Book cover front page


Posted: Wednesday, 08·06·2014

Post your consumer complaints to my company Google group!

A new place to post your consumer complaints – our Google Group! Please stop by and complain about a bad company, website or retail establishment! Have your voice heard!!forum/consumers-revenge

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by Maxfax01
Posted: Wednesday, 03·24·2010

Please post any comments or questions or anything else that may be of interest.  We are particularly interested in others of the same name and spelling.  It is also interesting to note, that in addition to the few having the last name “Shecktor” with that spelling, there is also a Marvel comic character of the same name (Thor, Journey Into Mystery).